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Why live in the suburbs? The Advantages of Living in the Suburbs

  1. Safety

Typically, suburban areas have lower crime rates than the cities they surround. For many people safety is a top concern, particularly those that have children.

  1. More Privacy

Because there are less people and wider open spaces, the suburbs can offer people more privacy. This is particularly true when comparing the housing communities of suburbs with the apartment complexes and condos of urban developments.

  1. Less Crowded

Sure you have to commute a little farther, but that’s about the only time you’ll have to deal with the crowds of the city. Suburbs almost always have less people per square mile, which means less congestion. The suburbs typically have a better student-to-teacher ratio.

  1. Better Schools

Suburban localities typically offer much better schools than urban districts. If you have children, or plan to in the future, this is a major consideration

  1. Peace And Quiet

Some people may enjoy a city that never sleeps, but for many light and noise pollution diminishes their quality of life. Noisy environments can lead to stress, increased blood pressure and sleep disturbances. Light pollution also contributes to sleep disturbances. A suburban home offers respite from the horns, sirens and city lights.

  1. Better Price Per Acre

Even though the homes are bigger, in the suburbs they are often less expensive. When you want to get the most home for your money, the suburbs are the place to house hunt. Recent surveys indicates that only half of city dwellers in Kenya are homeowners compared to 71 percent in suburban areas, which demonstrates that owning a home in the suburbs is more affordable than the city overall.

— The writer is a Social Media Marketer at Superior Homes Kenya Limited.