Why Buy Standard Finish Houses

By Paul Adede

To help aspiring home owners who do not have all the cash required to buy or build a lavish home but at the same time are keen on customizing their dream home, Superior Homes in April 2018 broke ground on 12 Standard Finish homes located in cluster 7 within Greenpark estate.

The houses comprise of

  • Ziwani Villas (Medium Villa)each with a plinth area of 298 sqm
  • Bahari Villas(Villa) each with a plinth area of 375 sqm.

Each house is sold complete upto the stage of finishes, needing only;

  • Floor covering and wall tiling
  • Kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes

Amenities provided;

  • Cabro to the entrance and basic landscaping
  • 10,000 liters underground water tank.

The introductory price is Ksh 19.98M for the Ziwani Villa and Ksh 27.98M for the Bahari Villa. This is extremely exciting because it gives you an opportunity to save up to 10M.

The houses are constructed to make them habitable so once the core structure of the house is done, a buyer can actually move in and finish it. This is common among Kenyans who, rather than continue paying rent for another house, would move in and finish it while living in it.

The construction timelines per houses is projected to take 5 months and the house is considered complete once the following items are done;

  • Complete shell structure for the unit i.e Masonry and R.C beams
  • All external windows – steel casement
  • External doors
  • Railing on Balconies
  • Internal plaster in all rooms with only the under coat paint
  • Ceiling and cornices
  • Roof cover and gutters
  • Plumbing and water connection points. Also 1000 liters water tank in the roof
  • 10,000 liters underground water tank
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Wiring to electrical points for the various switches and sockets
  • Paving round the house
  • Cabro to the entrance of the unit
  • Basic landscaping of the compound.

The buying process of these houses come with an exhilarating payment plan pegged to the construction milestones as follows;

  • A booking of 10% of the purchase price is paid in order to reserve a house
  • A further 25% of the purchase price is payable upon completing construction of the Slab and erection of the Walls.
  • A further 25% of the purchase price is payable upon completing construction of the Roof.
  • A further 20% of the purchase price is payable upon completing installation of the External Doors and Windows.
  • The 20% Balance of the Purchase Price is then paid after completion of all the above items.

This whole concept is aimed at purposefully giving aspiring home buyers who are ready to buy a home the ultimate freedom to customize their dream home. This is influenced by the fact that most developers put in new fittings like bathrooms, tiling, cabinets, wardrobes, wall painting and lighting fixtures before they sell to get the best price. Then, as soon as someone buys, you see the same fittings, floor covering and bathrooms in a skip and the decorators returning to redo the walls among other things.

The idea is to sell the house before the second fix and give the buyers the chance to choose how they want to decorate as well as help them save a significant amount of money in the kind of finishing required for a lavish house.

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