Tips to spruce up your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place of refuge, somewhere you can retreat to after a long day to have a nice hot shower or bath and curl up with a good book. Here are a few inexpensive ideas to help you spruce up your bedroom

  1. Have a bedside table

A nightstand, alternatively night table, bedside table or bedside cabinet, is a small table or cabinet designed to stand beside a bed. For today’s world bedroom is much more than just a sleeping area for all of us. Somewhat it has turned into our comfort zones for getting a good nap, relaxing back and watching television, working till late hours, etc. and to get all these comforts we need to have a furniture which can play supporting role to handle our hand to hand small equipment’s, keeping our keys, mobile phones, pen, side lamp etc. and for that what could else be much better than a side table connected to our comfort zone area that is within bed area. Whether small or large, whether it’s an open platform or a cabinet, it has multiple uses and work to be done for us. Think about a night table for each side of the bed and keep them clutter free.

  1. Declutter

Clutter is the enemy of a comfortable sleeping space. It could be anything — too many pillows, a pile of laundry sitting on the only available sitting space or a desk covered with bills and paperwork, just to name a few. Take the time to get everything not related to sleeping out of your room. Put your clothes away. Clear away old bills that should have been tossed months ago.

  1. Bedding Makeover

New bedding can be a cheap and effective way to refresh your bedroom. There’s nothing quite like sliding between cool new sheets. Feel free to mix and match sheets, blankets and pillows to get the look you’re most comfortable with. Experiment, take chances, and feel free to make your own look! Remember to air out your pillows monthly and change the sheets weekly.

  1. Display bedroom art

Well-placed art just may be the easiest way to turn your room into the stylish sanctuary you’ve always dreamt of. Choosing and displaying artwork in any room is an art in itself. Art is an integral part of any home decor and, considering we tend to buy it with our hearts, it often reflects the personalities of a home’s occupants. Consider hanging the art above your bed.

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