It has come to our attention that at 5.30pm on Thursday May 31st, 2018 officials of the Water Resources Authority (WRA) visited Greenpark Estate, a development of Superior Homes Kenya PLC (SHK) and alleged that 8 houses were constructed on a riparian reserve.


SHK has been in continued communication with WRA following the unprecedented floods on March 15th, 2018 that damaged a section of a perimeter wall at Greenpark Estate.


SHK submitted engineering designs for a flood-mitigating wall that would serve as a dyke in the event of any future abnormal rise of water on the seasonal Stoney Athi River (Mto wa Mawe).


SHK developed this section of the 163-acre estate in 2008 following approval and permits by relevant local and national authorities who mapped out the riparian reserve and deemed the perimeter wall to be beyond it. This position was reaffirmed by the National Environment Management Authority following the March incident.


Superior Homes is a law abiding corporate citizen and would like to reassure homeowners in Greenpark and all stakeholders that it will follow all legal channels to ensure this matter is resolved in the quickest time possible.


Superior Homes vision and mission is to build sustainable homes where dreams come true


Ian Henderson

Chief Executive Officer

Superior Homes (Kenya) PLC

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Covid-19 Message
I hope that you are all keeping safe and as we all hope that the current Covid pandemic is contained and the economy opens up again, you may wish to consider a house move. With 550 houses on 150 acres and an average of less than 4 houses per acre, Greenpark is one of the safest communities in Kenya. Fresh air, wide open spaces and a steady breeze from the nearby Lukenya Hills all help to reduce the risk of any contamination. Our show homes are open 7 days and you are most welcome to visit so long as you respect all social distancing rules. Stay safe Ian Henderson, Managing Director