Intriguing features of a Semi-Detached Maisonette

By Paul Adede

Semi-detached Maisonette share a wall with one adjoining neighbour. This means that semi-detached properties are built in pairs, and usually are built as a “mirror image.” The property has become one of the most sought after house type in Kenya especially among middle to high income earners. We will explore some of the fascinating features of a semi-detached Maisonette that makes it so popular.

Size options
Semi-detached homes are usually smaller than detached homes; nevertheless, semi-detached properties still offer a relatively large space and the opportunity to own your side of the land. They are considerably large among other housing types, and you can still have a big family and have enough space in this kind of home. 

Pricing and maintenance
Overall, semi-detached homes are more affordable than detached homes. These properties, like those in Greenpark estate have smaller but sizable and convenient backyards, meaning that the garden work will take less maintenance time. Also, maintenance expenses for your side are lower in comparison. 

Privacy and Security
While some people’s main concern about semi-detached homes can be having less privacy than with detached homes, if you choose this type of property in a controlled gated community like Greenpark estate, then this could mean great privacy and security for either side since there are existing set of standards and rules to be followed that guarantees sustainable living and peaceful coexistence.

Attractive and Blends well

Semi-detached houses are more compatible in their overall scale to existing detached houses, and can therefore be located unobtrusively behind or to the side of existing houses. It provides intermediary density which is more appropriate to suburban settings than terraced housing and assists in achieving a mix of housing choice like the case in Greenpark estate. They blend well with other detached houses while elaborating their beauty. This property is a good housing choice to transition between medium to low density areas.

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