Factors of convenience to consider before buying a property

How safe is the area?

If you’re staying in a gated community then this shouldn’t pose a problem. If not, then you would have to look at the neighbourhood to see if there are sufficient people living around the neighbourhood or sufficient public resources around.

Is the property easily accessible to major roads?

To avoid any future conjestion going in and out of the property, it helps to know which major roads the property is linked to. This would help in ease of travel in the future.

Are there sufficient facilities available in the community?

When purchasing a property, it helps to ensure sufficient public facilities around your neighbourhood such as a medical centers, community centre, shopping complex, sports facilities etc. Facilities as such would help provide a sense of community and would make it easier for you to get to know your neighbours too.

Is there sufficient drainage in the area?

Check the whereabouts and levels of external drains such as sewer line and trenches, and check if they are accessible and fully functional.

What are the schools like in the area?

Regardless of whether you are in the life stage of having children or planning to have them in the future, schools largely impact an area’s prosperity price performance and lifestyle. Neighbourhoods with excellent, high-ranking schools will be sought after and will tend to maintain higher resale values. School zoning generally only allows children living in the proximity to the schools to attend, which is why neighbourhoods with good schools experience consistent demand.

What is the area like?

Take a walk around the property location and observe the area. Are there a lot of noisy restaurants around? What kind of neighbors does it have? Are there any convenience stores around? Or is it public transport-friendly?

Future development. Will there be any major developments happening in the area in the near future?

Apart from determining the appreciation of the property value, this would also help in determining if the density of population around the area is looking to be increased and whether that increase is something you wish to be a part of.

— The writer is a Graphic Designer / Social Media Marketer at Superior Homes Kenya Limited.

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