Why Buying Property from a Reputable Developer is the Way to Go

By Paul Adede A property/real estate developer is a person/company who buys land and constructs houses and buildings in order to sell them and make a profit. If you are planning to buy a property, then you should consider doing business with a reputable developer like Superior Homes because this will ensure your investment is […]

Experience a Chopper Ride with a Champagne Picnic in the Wild

  There’s no place like home, and no better time to buy a house at Greenpark than now.  Superior Homes is rewarding home buyers this month with a memorable chopper ride for two accompanied by a champagne picnic at a secret scenic location in the wild.  To get rewarded, all you need is make a […]


By Paul Adede Title Deed Fraud Despite the rapid growth of the real estate sector, getting a piece of land with a clean and trouble-free title deed remains a major challenge in Kenya. Indeed, tales of people who have invested huge sums in the sector, only for their property to be brought down by bulldozers, […]

Astonishing Advantages to Bungalow Living

By Paul Adede A bungalow is a type of house having only one storey or, in some cases like in the Western design, upper rooms set in the roof, typically with dormer windows such as attic windows. In Kenya bungalows are popular in upcountry and many people prefer them as rural homes. In this modern […]

Why controlled developments are the future for sustainable living

By Paul Adede The major challenges currently facing sustainability urban environment is the balancing of increased demand and supply for real estate property against sustainability in terms of adequate infrastructures and proper planning. The real estate developments in most of developing nations are led by demand rather than infrastructural capacity. Nairobi just like many African […]

Why Live in a Gated Community

By Paul Adede Gated community concept is increasingly becoming popular in the world over. When you think of a gated community, what normally comes to mind are things like safety, security, exclusivity, celebrities, luxury homes, and more. But what else lies beyond those gates? Let’s explore why gated community neighborhoods are the right fit for you […]


By Paul Adede Have you been thinking of buying a house? Then this festive season is the right time to delve into your pocket and seal the deal. Although the festive season is considered an auspicious time to buy new things, including real estate, here’s a list of five reasons why prospective home buyers should […]

3 Crucial Tips for Holiday House Hunting

By Paul Adede Whether you planned to search for a home during the holiday season (November to January) or you have been saving all year to purchase, you’re actually house hunting at a good time.  There are more advantages at this time of year as more companies close the year early giving prospective homebuyers adequate […]

Best Colors to Paint a Kitchen

By Paul Adede Choosing paint colors can be a time-consuming and frustrating process when there are so many shades to choose from. The good news is that there are certain colors that work best in specific rooms. When it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green really shine. Each of these shades […]


By Paul Adede Buy Over Long Term abbreviated as ‘BOLT’ is an off plan payment model designed by Superior Homes to allow prospective home buyers purchase a house in Greenpark estate within 1 to 3 years. ‘BOLT’ model was conceptualized to give potential home owners an opportunity to buy a house in Greenpark over long […]

Covid-19 Message
I hope that you are all keeping safe and as we all hope that the current Covid pandemic is contained and the economy opens up again, you may wish to consider a house move. With 550 houses on 150 acres and an average of less than 4 houses per acre, Greenpark is one of the safest communities in Kenya. Fresh air, wide open spaces and a steady breeze from the nearby Lukenya Hills all help to reduce the risk of any contamination. Our show homes are open 7 days and you are most welcome to visit so long as you respect all social distancing rules. Stay safe Ian Henderson, Managing Director