Amazing features of Superior Homes Quarter Villa

By Paul Adede

Apartments are a suite of rooms forming one residence, typically in a building containing a number of these. The term flats is also used to refer to apartments. Apartments normally have one to four bedrooms while there are also studio apartments locally called bedsitters. Their appeal is in the location, size, style, amenities, number of units in the compound and price.  

With increasing demand for apartment living, Superior Homes came up with a well-designed and thoughtfully planned semi apartment called a Quarter Villa popularly called QV. We will focus on some of the outstanding features of the QV that distinguishes it from ordinary apartments.


Ever wanted to live in an apartment and have your own spacious garden? Well, that is exactly what the Quarter Villa offers. The block has only 4 spacious 3 bedroom houses each with a generous garden at the back that gives you the opportunity to have your nice kitchen garden or even put up a beautiful gazebo.

Privacy and Convenience

Apartments can be associated with crowded living which basically has a negative connotation. A good number of people who are looking for houses with privacy tend to strike off apartments from their list for this reason. However, the Quarter Villa addresses this concern by not only offering space but also giving privacy. The 2 storey semi-apartment block has only 4 houses with each having its own individual access. The convenience proceeds to the parking lot which offers a 2 car parking for each house.


The Quarter Villas forms part of four other exquisite houses located in Greenpark estate. Greenpark is an award winning gated community lifestyle that is associated with safety, security, exclusivity and quality luxury homes. Residents at Greenpark enjoy common amenities such as secure perimeter wall with electric fence, cabro paved roads, security gate houses and common areas among others. Also within the development there is a clubhouse, swimming pool, schools and a convenient shop.


The Superior Homes Quarter Villas have a unique breathtaking design that blends well with other house types in Greenpark estate. The thoughtful planning of this house includes salient features such as spacious open plan kitchen, spacious living room, beautifully designed 3 bedrooms; master ensuite and two having a Jack and Jill bathroom.

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