How Superior Homes is driving Kenya’s decent housing solutions

The rapid growing middle class and their preference for better lifestyles has driven the demand for decent housing structures in Kenya. This upsurge in population coupled with increased literacy levels and better economic conditions means people are going to demand for more housing structures.

Inspired by the need to fill the growing housing gaps and provision of better housing estates, Superior Homes Kenya set up its operation in 2006.

“We came into Kenya and analyzed the economic conditions. We identified a growing educated population with increasing disposable incomes and preference for better lifestyles. At the time, very few institutions were servicing their needs. We saw this as a viable opportunity for growth,” shares Ian Henderson, managing director, Superior Homes Kenya.

Rolling its sleeves to begin operation, the firm established a well-designed and planned housing structures to be executed in a safe and secure environment. This was done with the vision of creating a sense of sustained families and communities.

Two years down the line, the firm has already completed its first housing project in Kenya.

In love with Africa

Ian says that he has been in Africa since 1980, undertaking construction projects majorly in Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Sudan. His experience in Africa, managing African workforce and understanding of the African diverse settings served as an invaluable component in inspiring his housing projects and designs. “Our projects suit the African context because we understand the culture and what Kenyans need”, he shares.

Nearly a decade after the inception of his company in Kenya, Ian has no regret for his decision.

It has been an exciting experience for him. Just two years after completing the first project, the firm won buyers trust. Ian reveals, “We began selling units after units. Buyers trusted us because of our unique design, quality and affordable housing. They have since enjoyed every other project and our gradual growth can attest to this.”

Biggest housing project

So far, Superior Homes has managed to put together one of its biggest housing projects along Mombasa road. He says that creativity, security and affordability are the hearts of the firm’s operation.

For instance, Green Park project that sits on 162 acres of land along Mombasa road has an open plan with over 700 houses and a very low density.  The estate is located in a high growth area next to Athi River and with proximity to the proposed standard gauge railway.

Located in a serene environment, the estate is serviced with good social amenities. It has a school, sports facilities such as a tennis court and swimming pool and conferencing facilities. Each housing units within the estate has two sources of water. In addition, the units have an underground water tank that stores rain water.

According to Ian, the firm’s housing products mainly targets the middle and upper middle class.

Product diversification

In view of becoming the leading real estate firm and satisfy the clients’ various needs, the firm is undertaking a leisure development project dubbed Lake Elementaita Mountain Lodge in Naivasha.

The project aspires to settle Kenya’s conferencing and leisure needs.

Superior Homes has specialized in residential and leisure property which is in-line with its visions and strategies. Ian explains that they always engage reputable experts- such as architects and surveyors – to ensure that clients get the best out of their projects.

Despite enjoying exponential growth, Mr. Henderson admits that setting up operation in the country was challenging.  “We were visionary, innovative and skilful in identifying potential development land. Sadly, we did not have enough funds to drive business growth. Financial and development institutions did not believe in us. We had to find ways of utilizing the available resources without straining our operations.”

Mr. Henderson, though glad that the industry has a vibrant outlook, is worried that the exorbitant interest rates will affect the affordability of houses.

Buy over long term

In order to enhance affordability of their projects, the firm has introduced BOLT-buy over long term. The concept allows buyers to buy the housing units over a long period without straining their resources. BOLT has been rolled in partnerships with banks which finance buyers to own homes. Buyers can then repay the bank over a long period of up to 5 years.

“The outlook of the company is bright. We are optimistic about a gradual growth. There are exciting opportunities in the counties which we would wish to tap on in the long run,” reveals the executive.

Ian and his team are upbeat that clients will continue getting the best. Having settled them in better housing facilities, the firm looks forward to strengthening its grip in this line of business.


PLAYERS: Ian Henderson

BUSINESS: Superior Homes is a real estate company which focuses on providing decent housing structures


FUNDING: It started off from the founder’s savings

X’ FACTOR: Ian’s genuine passion for Africa and construction has enabled the firm to set up reliable housing apartments

ON THE LOOK-OUT FOR: Superior Homes is optimistic for a gradual growth to continue offering reliable housing solutions to Kenyans.

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