3 Bedroom Semi-detached Maisonettes

This beautiful semi-detached property is a charming family house constructed with unique style and precision to bring out its elegance.

The two units occupy a quarter of an acre and has a convenient cabro parking for two cars per unit at the front and an expansive garden at the rear.

Living room

This family house has a spacious living room that comfortably holds a 8 seater sofa with ample space to spare. The colour of the walls is a perfect basis for any style of home decor and modern rustic. The elegantly finished room has large windows and the layout leads to a specious dining area.


Dining area

The dining area is gorgeous with a generous space that comfortably accommodates a 8 seater dining table. This gracious area overlooks the spacious living room and has a sliding door leading to the garden. It's strategically placed next to the kitchen.


This stylish contemporary kitchen is carefully designed with ample space and elegantly fitted cabinets. It has a separate pantry and a door that leads to the garden. The units have an option of an open or closed kitchen plan with the open kitchen coming with a modern cooker hood for a six-burner cooker.



Reverse Osmosis system 

Clean water is an essential priority in every home, and that has been uniquely catered for by installing the modern Reverse Osmosis filter underneath the kitchen sink of all the five house types. The system comes with a special tap located on the sink where the purified water is drawn.

Master Bedroom

This stylish divine master bedroom is not only spacious but has the luxurious feel of an attractive refined modern bedroom with large fitted wardrobes. It is fascinatingly designed with a sliding door leading to a balcony.

Master ensuite bathroom

This spacious bathroom makes your master bath a relaxing retreat with stylish faucets. The decoration displayed by the beautiful coloured ceramic tiles blends well with the luxurious bathtub and a breathtaking vanity sink. 



Laundry area

The laundry area is accessed through the kitchen door and is well built with a large washing basin and a sizable working surface. It is strategically located adjacent to the SQ within the expansive backyard. 


The house has an expansive compound at the rear where the semi-detached ensuite SQ sits. To ensure residents have adequate water supply, a 10,000 litre underground water storage tank with a pump is provided. An additional 2,000 litre tanks are provided for rain water collection.

Street of Maisonette

The premiere open plan estate layout provides a magnificent view of the the semi-detached Maisonettes in a beautiful street with neatly done cabro roads, streetlights, and properly manicured lawns.

Semi-Detached Maisonette
Living room
Dining area
Reverse Osmosis
Master Bedroom
Master ensuite bathroom
Laundry area
Street of Semi-detached Maisonette

Key Features

  • Sits on approximately 1/8 of an acre
  • Master bedroom ensuite with sliding door for balcony
  • Large wardrobes
  • Spacious kitchen with a separate pantry
  • Option of either Open plan or closed kitchen
  • Ensuite detached SQ
  • Entry hallway with a visitor’s toilet
  • Large sitting and dining area
  • Solar water heating
  • Reverse osmosis water filter system
  • Cabro parking for two cars
  • Large garden
  • 10,000 liters Underground water tank
  • 2000 liters rain water collection tanks

Other Houses

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The following are easy steps to buy:

  1. Select house type and make a booking payment of KES. 100,000 to take the house off the market.
  2. Top up to 10% (KES 1,295,000) of the purchase price within 14 days after booking.
  3. The 90% ( KES 12,555,000) balance of the purchase price is then paid within a period of 120 days from the time of booking.


The ‘BOLT’ model gives  you an opportunity to buy a house in Greenpark over  1 to 3 years at a fixed price, with an agreed deposit and flexible customized payment plan  tailor-made to suit each buyer. This unique concept by Superior Homes allows you to buy a house without having to take up a bank mortgage.


mortgage partners


  • Current Selling Price KES 13,950,000
  • Number of Months 12
  • 1 year BOLT selling price KES 14,619,600
  • Deposit 10% KES 1,461,960

Month Amount

Starting KES 1,461,960
Month 3   KES 3,289,410
Month 6   KES 3,289,410
Month 9   KES 3,289,410
Month 12   KES 3,289,410


  • Current Selling Price KES 13,950,000
  • Number of Months 24
  • 2 year BOLT selling price KES 15,289,200
  • Deposit 10% KES 1,528,920

Month Amount

Starting KES 1,528,920
Month 6   KES 3,440,070
Month 12   KES 3,440,070
Month 18   KES 3,440,070
Month 24   KES 3,440,070


  • Current Selling Price KES 13,950,000
  • Number of Months 36
  • 3 year BOLT selling price KES 15,958,800
  • Deposit 10% KES 1,595,880

Month Amount

Starting KES 1,595,880
Month 9   KES 3,590,730
Month 18   KES 3,590,730
Month 27   KES 3,590,730
Month 36   KES 3,590,730


Mortgage Data

Quarter Villa kes 9,980,000

Semi apartment block of four 3-bedroom houses.

Bungalow kes 19,280,000

Four bedrooms; two ensuite, three bathrooms, large gardens optional SQ.

Super Bungalow kes 23,590,000

25% larger than bungalow; four bedrooms, all ensuite, optional SQ

Villa kes 37,670,000

4 ensuite bedrooms, separate family rooms, sunken lounge, fitted kitchen, family room and a DSQ.